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Premises Liability

Successfully Representing Clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

premises liability

Premises Liability cases involve claims against landowners, business establishments, and municipal and county governments for injuries arising out of dangerous and defective conditions of real estate, sidewalks, highways, and other property. Often referred to as “slip and fall” cases, these matters can often be complex, as finding the appropriate responsible party against whom to bring a claim requires analysis of deeds, leases and other agreements. Additionally, claims against county and municipal government entities require a thorough understanding of the relevant sovereign immunity statutes under which government entities are provided protections not afforded private citizens or corporations. At WGP we are experienced with both the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act in Pennsylvania and Title 59 which governs claims against government entities in New Jersey. At WGP we have successfully represented clients in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey in premises liability matters. When possible, we can resolve these matters without the necessity of litigation. When needed, we possess the experience and ability to handle the case from the filing of the Complaint through jury verdict.

Whether Finding a Resolution or Litigating on Your Behalf, We Will Find a Winning Solution

Our Premises Liability attorneys will fight aggressively for the maximum monetary award possible so you can take the time you need to recover from your injuries and put this traumatic ordeal behind you.

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