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DUI / DWI / Traffic Court

We Strive to Find the Best Outcome for You

dui dwi traffic court

DUI/DWI, Traffic Court matters, and Driver’s License issues are highly specialized areas of the law that require the knowledge, experience, and expertise to obtain a successful outcome. It is to your advantage to engage the services of a skilled legal team before you litigate your case, plead guilty, pay a fine on a ticket, or try to enter into any type of probation or diversion program that may affect your criminal record and your livelihood for years to come.

Having your license suspended, or even losing your license completely, is just the beginning of the consequences that can result from a DUI or DWI conviction. Pennsylvania and New Jersey have extremely strict DUI (DWI in New Jersey) laws and WGP will provide you with a team of seasoned professionals with the experience and expertise you need in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey courts. Because WGP attorneys regularly practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, they are experts in the reciprocal consequences of the DUI/DWI laws between the states. Our firm handles all areas of Traffic Law and DUI/DWI, including Driver’s License restorations and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) issues. Our team of experienced attorneys can help you get the best possible results when you are faced with a variety of driving-related matters.



Our Team Will Find for You the Best Possible Outcome

Without a good defense, a DUI can ruin your life. It can lead to jail time, thousands of dollars in costs, and months or years without your license. Many defendants think there is nothing they can do in their case, only to see it get much worse than they originally thought. A WGP attorney can help you, but you have to move fast.

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