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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Efficient & Cost Effective Arbitrators, Mediators and Advocates To Achieve Reasonable Results

alternative dispute resolution

With the ever-increasing cost of litigation, parties are turning to arbitration, mediation and other hybrid alternative dispute resolution processes to resolve their disputes in a cost-effective manner.

Several WGP attorneys serve as distinguished neutral arbitrators and mediators – whether for nationwide ADR forums, by court appointment or private engagement by the parties to a dispute.  These options often avoid lengthy delays and allow more creative solutions to the issues at hand.  Some of our attorneys likewise serve the court as judges pro tempore, conducting settlement conferences and serving as settlement masters, discovery masters or receivers in contentious disputes.

Our litigators likewise are as comfortable advocating for our clients in the ADR setting as they are in the courtroom. Drawing upon the extensive litigation experience of our team, we provide a skilled and economical alternative to litigation, and advance the goal of resolving cases fairly and expeditiously.


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