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April 09, 2015

Irvine-based Quality Systems Inc. Sued for Sexual Harassment and Retaliatory Firing

By: RDKInteractive

April 9, 2015: For Immediate Release. Yesterday in federal court in California, Irvine-based Quality Systems Inc. (NASDAQ QSII) was sued by a former director of Research and Development for retaliatory firing after she informed the company that she was being sexually harassed. QSI, which employs 2,000 persons worldwide, develops and markets computer-based practice management, electronic health records and revenue cycle management applications as well as connectivity products and services for medical and dental group practices and small hospitals. According to her Complaint, Traci Wolbert states that her manager repeatedly asked her to go on non-business related trips and got angry when she consistently refused, drunk texted her messages which were sexual and harassing, and sent her texts with links to nude pictures. In her complaint, Wolbert states her manager “became increasingly hostile with my continued refusals” pushing her to report his actions to Donna Green, the company’s Senior Vice President of Human Relations. According to the Complaint, thirty-eight days after doing so, Ms. Wolbert was demoted and thereafter terminated. The Complaint alleges that QSI has a pattern of protecting male employees who harass and discriminate against women. Numerous instances of sexual harassment against other women in the company are detailed in the filing. Ms. Wolbert is seeking back pay, reinstatement in the company with a promotion to Vice President and damages. For further information, please contact Ms. Wolbert’s attorneys: SHARON R. VINICK, ESQ., (Cal.)-510-318-7700 or Patricia Pierce (PA), Esq. 215-735.1600.

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