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January 18, 2022

Philadelphia Business and Individual Rights Firms Merge To Form Weir Greenblatt Pierce LLP

By: RDKInteractive

Philadelphia – January 18, 2022 – Two highly regarded law firms, Weir & Partners LLP (W&P) and Greenblatt Pierce Funt & Flores LLC (GPFF), are delighted to announce their merger effective today, as GPFF merges into W&P. The renamed firm, Weir Greenblatt Pierce LLP, will include distinguished attorneys, well-respected for their representation of businesses and individuals.

W&P has long been known for its superior representation of corporate, banking and business clients, while GPFF is hailed as one of the top individual rights law firms in the region, representing clients in criminal, employment, family, personal injury, and civil rights matters. The merger comes at a time of great financial success and stability for both firms.

“This merger is formed out of a true friendship and admiration for each other’s personnel and practices,” said Ron Greenblatt. “The decision to merge was simple. Our combined firm consists of highly regarded lawyers, practicing in a cost-efficient way. It’s a win for our clients in so many ways.”

According to Administrative Managing Partner, Brett A. Datto, “The level of experience and insight our clients will gain from having access to both of the firms’ lawyers is incalculable.” The two firms have worked together on multiple matters over the years and have always been impressed by the quality of the work and character of the lawyers at both firms. Walter Weir and Patricia Pierce have been friends for over 40 years, since they worked together at the Defender Association of Philadelphia. Cross-referrals have always been common between firms. Weir explained, “We respect and admire each other. We are referring work to one another, so we decided to practice together and give our clients everything they have asked us for in the past: top business and individual rights lawyers in one firm.”

There will be no staffing changes; all current lawyers and staff of both firms will be part of the newly named firm. Walter Weir will serve as the Managing Partner with Brett Datto as the Administrative Managing Partner, while Ron Greenblatt and Patricia Pierce will join the Firm’s Executive Committee. The new firm will have 36 lawyers and 17 staff.

Weir Greenblatt Pierce LLP is a full-service law firm providing sophisticated representation to businesses and individuals in such areas as Banking & Finance, Bankruptcy, Civil Rights, Complex Commercial Litigation, Corporate Restructuring & Creditors Rights, Criminal Defense, Employment, Family, Personal Injury, and Real Estate Transactions. For more information, please see

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