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October 07, 2013

All Charges Against Temple Football Player Praise Marin-Oguike Dismissed

By: RDKInteractive

PHILADELPHIA, PA – October 7, 2013: Today all charges against Praise Martin-Oguike were dismissed. For the past 18 months, this young man has lived under a terrible cloud. After being branded as a rapist for a crime he did not commit, he was ostracized, stripped of his athletic scholarship, kicked out of Temple University and vilified nationally and on the internet. The stain on his reputation and the impact on his life will never be completely erased. From the beginning of this case, we maintained that Mr. Martin-Oguike’s was completely innocent. We said then, and have been proven right today, that he was the victim of a woman who was determined to destroy him simply because he would not agree to have a romantic long-term relationship with her. A full forensic examination of her cell phone revealed the true nature of who she is, and the completely consensual nature of her sexual relationship with Praise. When looked at in conjunction with the medical information, it was clear the complainant’s story was simply not true. Thankfully, when the prosecution finally looked at the evidence we provided, they made the only just choice, complete dismissal of the charges. While we appreciate the decision made today, we are saddened that it took 18 months for them to do the right thing. Every piece of this exculpatory information was available before Praise was arrested, and but for our investigation, an innocent man could have been convicted, sent to prison, and forced to live the rest of his life as a registered sex offender. This case never should have resulted in an arrest and prosecution and if it can happen to honorable young man like Praise Martin-Oguike, it can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn back the clock. These allegations will remain with Praise for the rest of his life, enshrined on the internet for anyone who cares to look. We urge the District Attorney’s office, and the sex crimes investigators to do a better job at the inception of these cases and we urge the press to shout from the roof tops Mr. Oguike’s innocence as loudly and as widely as they trumpeted his assumed guilt at the time of his arrest. James A. Funt, Esquire Greenblatt Pierce Engle Funt & Flores 215-735-1600 Founded over 20 years ago as an aggressive criminal defense law practice, Greenblatt, Pierce, Engle, Funt & Flores (WGP) is an established, full-service law firm with experienced attorneys skilled in all areas of state and federal criminal defense, employment law, civil litigation, and family law. The firm has offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For more information on the firm or its attorneys, please see For more information regarding this release, please contact Ronald Greenblatt at 215.735.1600.

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